Club Rules

We will typically have a total of thirteen rounds of golf every year – ten regular season rounds and three championship rounds from April through November with an end-of-the-year award banquet for members and guests. There will be opportunities to participate in out-of-town events as well!   

You must play at least six regular season and two championship rounds to qualify for the league championship at the end of the year. A member may abstain from either the first or the second of the three championship rounds and still qualify for the club championship. However, the score for the missed round will be the average of four of the highest scores during the regular rounds or a score of 72, whichever is higher.

The golfer with the combined lowest total strokes will be declared the League Champion and will be awarded with the league championship trophy and cash prize. The Runner-up will be awarded a cash prize as well.

1st and 2nd place winners from each flight of the regular and championship rounds will be awarded a trophy or cash at the end-of-the season league banquet and will qualify for the Tournament of Champions season-opener the following year!

Effective 2016, golfers age 62 and above with a handicap of 20 or higher will have the option to play from the Senior tees!

Local League Rules

Play as it lies – Unless waived by the tournament Director prior to the beginning of any league tournament, the ball must be played as it lies anywhere in the golf course. Unless you’re in the putting green, touching of the ball is not allowed unless permitted by a USGA rule. NOTE: If ball is in a puddle, embedded in mud, or you are standing in a puddle while hitting a ball, you have the option of moving your ball within one (1) club length not any closer to the hole to avoid these situations. This rule will also apply if your ball is on the car path or on a sprinkler head, or when you address your ball while standing on a cart path or on the sprinkler head. (No penalty)

Out of Bounds/Lost Ball – If the ball is hit out of bounds, OR IS LOST, consider it a lateral hazard. Go to the point of entry; drop a ball two (2) club lengths from the point of entry not closer to the hole with a one (1) stroke penalty. The time limit for looking for a lost ball is 3 minutes. If the ball is not found, consider it a lateral hazard.

Bunkers/Sand Traps – If your ball in the bunker is in a foot print, you have the option of lifting your ball, raking the print and putting your ball back to where it was lying without penalty. However, to do this, you have to inform your foursome. A ‘Fried Egg’ lie in a bunker cannot be moved, please play it as it lies.

Playing the Wrong Ball – A player who plays a wrong ball shall be penalized 2 strokes. The player shall then play the correct ball from the original position of the correct ball. The strokes from the wrong ball are not counted, but the 2-stroke penalty counts.

Ball in Hazard – Sand traps, creeks, and slopes of creeks, lakes and banks of lakes and bridges are considered hazards. The ball may be played from the hazard without penalty. If the ball is unplayable, it may be removed from the tee side of the hazard as near as possible to the point at which the ball crossed the margin of the hazard. Only if after hitting two balls into the hazard AND has not yet cleared the hazard, the golfer may then take a drop past the hazard for the pace of play.

New Rule: Under Rule 17:

  • There are no longer any special restrictions when a ball is in a “penalty area” (the expanded designation for the area that includes what were previously called water hazards).
  • A player is allowed to touch or move loose impediments and touch the ground with hand or club (such as grounding the club right behind the ball) for any reason, subject only to the prohibition on improving conditions for the stroke (see Rule 8.1a).

Putting – No ‘Gimmie Putts’ please. Everyone must putt-out for all 18 holes of every tournament.

Artificial Obstructions – A ball may be lifted without penalty if it lies on a road, cart path, guide wires or logs defining a water hazard, under a bench or a water fountain. The ball must be played with one club length away from the obstruction but not nearer the hole.

Slow Play – Slow play takes the fun out of a round of golf and therefore will never be tolerated in any league tournament. Keep up with the group and avoid having an open hole in front of your group.

Waiving Rules – Players shall not agree to exclude the operation of any rules, USGA or local nor to waive any penalty

Please refer to the USGA’s New Rules of Golf
Please click here for a more comprehensive list of the USGA rules.