The President and Decision Makers of Fullswing Golf wish to extend a warm welcome to all our new and existing members!

The membership fee for the 2022 season is $75.00 which includes a Golf Handicap Network login and  Hole-in-One participation. Please click on the Membership link below to submit an application! 

Fullswing Golf of St Louis has three flights. Championship Flight is for members with an index handicap of 8.4 and below. A-Flight is for members with an index handicap between 8.5 through 15.4 and  B-Flight is for members with an index handicap of 15.5 and above

Fullswing of St Louis Golf has 3 Major Tournaments throughout the season.

The first event of each season (opening day) is the first Major Event of the season. Any golfer who placed 1st & 2nd during the previous year is qualified to compete in the Tournament of Champions. New members and golfers who did not place can compete to qualify for next season’s Tournament of Champions  and this year’s cash prizes.

The 2nd Major Event and the newest, is a Match Play Event. The top 16 golfers after the first 6 golf rounds (the Sweet 16) will compete in the Match Play Event. In order to qualify, the golfer must have played in at least 4 of the first 6 rounds

The last Major of the season is the most important of them all, the League Championship.

To qualify for the League Championship, a golfer must play in at least 6 regular season rounds (first 10 rounds) and must play ALL 3 Championship rounds. The golfer with lowest net total strokes will claim the League Championship  for that season.

Fullswing Golf of St Louis made some changes and has made all 13 rounds more exciting! Starting each season,  a golfer who placed 1st & 2nd  (Net Score) Championship flight, A-flight & B-flight will get a cash prize that will be paid at the next event. Championship A&B flight 1stplacers are guaranteed $100. Cash (Based on 32 Golfer per event)

We have also incorporated Feedback on our site. We value your thoughts and welcome suggestions you may have to help us improve our league for years to come!

Any Hole-In-One winner will be awarded their prize at the end of the season. Prize money will be shared should there be more than one winner.

Fullswing Golf of St Louis is a non-profit organization that promotes camaraderie and friendly competition in and around the St Louis area through the great game of golf.